Friday, 7 March 2008

Gorgeous Loch Fyne

A quick reminder of the countryside around here rather than exclusively further north. These photos are from Tuesday when the weather was sublimely perfect and I enjoyed a run up and over the hill with the dogs. It was warm and still, a perfect contrast to the last two days. Yesterday I ran along the shore at Furnace back towards Inveraray way. The plan, as I was feeling weak and feeble was to attempt a long steep hill with Pip on the lead (not a dog to be trusted when there are deer/squirrels, and/or cats but not too many of them where I was, in a 5 mile radius) in order to get a bit more forward propulsion than my legs can usually maintain. It was a shame that Pip was not in on the initial planning and brain storming session for this plan of action. The response to the (much) reduced speed up hill was to potter off to the side at the end of the lead having a good sniff and snuffle around at her own leisure whilst poor old slow coach caught up. Once I had reattached my arm into the shoulder joint after the inevitable battle of wills regarding exactly who was going to back up when small trees, shrubs and in one case Lucy got in the way of the lead we tackled the downhill. Needless to say I had misjudged the distance that I would have to go to drop back onto my original track that I left in order to seek out a suitable hill. The last time I traveled it was on horseback and surprisingly it seemed much shorter…well, for the rider anyway. Ok, back to the downhill. Imagine a gentle cresting of the hill followed by a dull popping noises as the shoulder joint re dislocates and Pip takes off joyously down the hills dragging me behind with legs whirling round far too damn fast. I think that we will leave it there picking up the thread of the day an hour later as I was safely cocooned in my pal Lyndsay’s house enjoying the view of Loch Fyne from her dining table and sharing a delicious lunch with Mum and Lyndsay. When I say sharing I would not like to give the impression that lunch was an equal three way split as it is a serious prospect feeding me post run.

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