Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Eggs and sunshine

A fine Easter here in Argyll with no snow but quite a lot of sun and family to share it with. The traditional Easter Egg rolling (a completely non negogitable total participation sport)was stage managed by Freya who painted the (most of them...two done by Rosie) eggs beautifully with each persons name. The winner in the Furthest Distance on the First Throw was my good self, there was a nail biting battle for the Most Durable Egg by the two Grandmas and Rosie with the latter finally taking the honours. The dogs gorged themselves as is traditional upon hard boiled painted duck eggs, we did miss Sam and Tess who used to fling themselves into this with much more gusto than the pappy younger canine generation.
PS Line up for the Easter Egg rolling L-R
Mum, Peter, Kate, Freya, Rosie, Toby, Russ, Linda, Garret.

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