Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Rambling on, starting with teenage boys ( as good a place as any)

Wearing full protective gear and safety equipment (rope and karabiners essential to ensure a safe exit to the world outside, a sleeping bag and thermos are also advisable in the event of ambush by rogue socks) I entered Toby’s bedroom at the weekend, the resulting scream of horror and disgust reverberated around the house startling dogs and family alike. How can some one who has previously expressed extreme surprise at the lack of plastic juice/water bottles available for after school clubs etc unearth six from the undergrowth? What is truly shocking is how like a mother I sound……but come on, SIX!!!! Digressing from the hormonal minefield of Toby’s room, I also discovered a horses girth cover, I have no idea how that got in there,I move on to today’s activities. Mainly ironing with a bit of light relief cleaning the sitting room with Jeremy Kyle on in the background for a satisfying amount of cringe worthy but sooooo addictive listening. I did cycle to Inveraray to collect a prescription (did I mention no car previously? More on that later) only to become truly depressed at the lack of cycling ability, my excuse is that it was so cold I could not adequately change gear and may be able to extend this to why my legs would not go round and round fast enough too. This was the first outing for the road bike since September which would be fine if it was not for the fast looming Bute sprint Triathlon on Sunday…yes this Sunday. However back to the car so I do not have to dwell on Bute and suffer the usual devastating nervous tummy, you know the one. When you think about event X (insert interview/competition /presentation/parents night (or is that just me) and your stomach does that sudden downwards lurch with a slight light headed dizzy sensation and light perspiration to brow (or upper lip depending on preference) to follow and an acute yearning for the day after the afore mentioned event.).
Have just read back on the Blog and realised that I have not mentioned the total cessation of engine action suffered by my car last Thursday on the way to Karate with Freya and Toby. We abruptly stopped about 2 miles out of Inveraray on the Dalmally road conveniently on a corner with hazard light furiously beeping and Freya almost catatonic with fear. Two local paramedics kindly shoved us out of the path of vehicles and a friend passing a few minutes later delivered Freya back to Mum before we could get started on the horror stories and urban legends (remember the one with the lunatic on the loose and the head banging on the car roof?). How mad can the hazard winkers send you after 1/2hr or so? Toby and I were happily practising our synchronized blinking by the time we were rescued by W D Semple’s on a silver horse (well, yellow van really if I am totally honest) Long story shorn to the bare bones time…having suffered a weekend of nail biting fear with the prospect of a HUGE bill looming we had a very agreeable phone call from the dealers today saying that yes, there is a horrendous problem, and that yes we have suffered big time with this vehicle since we got it (brand new) and so Peugeot are going to pay for it!! Unbelievable. Now then let me see how will the advert go ummmm........

Reliable Peugeot 807 for sale one careful Lady owner?

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