Sunday, 9 March 2008

Paper Chase at the stables (tokens not paper to prevent littering…and cheating)

Toby and Howard plotting their game plan and then setting off (once we had surgically and painfully removed the clock stuck to Toby’s head and Lewis’s extra leg) on their noble steeds into Ye Olde Wildlife Park and beyond in search of the priceless,ancient tokens of Dalchenna. They fought their way past dedicated (always the scariest type) campers on a journey that took them across rickety, slippery bridges spanning a possibly troll infested river (well, there are some pretty mean herons about sometimes) and many other dangers that I have run out of superlatives to describe on their dangerous quest. They both pitted their wits against the most cunning of riddles and clues (the most challenging got by Toby with its fiendish reference to Thomas the Tank engine) to win through triumphantly and to return safely to the safe havens in one piece and tokens collected. Actually, so did every one else and his Dad came first with his partner so a painful few days ahead for us all.

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