Friday, 9 July 2010

Wednesday onwards.....

Very few guests about at the beginning of the week...CURSE that football!! Still better times at the back end with a full house for more than one night...Hurrah!! Highlights of the week were seeing Howard and Myrna whom we miss during the summer months,they were as they always are and we bored them with our tales of derring Highland game doo/do?? Freya's 12th birthday was a great day with a family trip to Oban Swimming Pool where Garret and Toby (after a good games of "Two Piggies in the Middle") showed off their diving skills to a rather stunned pool...not to be outdone Freya followed with some nifty dives of her own and even Rosie got in on the act. This kicked off a spate of diving from other swimmers which was still going on as we enjoyed a cappuccino and/or a cake later. It was a sort of Mexican wave phenomenon only water based...once one person did it others followed on and the trend continued. Early start the next day and off to Glasgow to watch Shrek the Fourth 3D,some shopping and then a slightly nervous mum and Toby to the Airport for the latter to fly solo down to Stansted and the time we were home he was nearly there and is now in the land of drought and 31'plus temperatures! Rosie and I braved the weather (actually the rain halted mid afternoon)forced into a run by the necessary return of a neighbours run-away dog and then onwards to a four mile run with some speed-work...somehow feel it was not enough.

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