Friday, 16 July 2010

The longest long run

Interesting run this one...a planned 14 miler for Garret and Richard as part of their marathon training. No Naomi today, and if I am honest she is faster than me especially at the start so I was on my own! Planned 10am start became 10.30 and the run loomed large in my mind...the furthest I have ever run but with a get out for the first 8 miles to cut back and do less, so did I? I set off ten minutes behind the boys to enable me to take the dogs, the distance coupled with Garret's pace is too much for them and I prefer to run with them rather than solo. First problem....I wanted to listen to an audio book via a free iphone app...enter Sherlock Holmes read really badly by an American guy....did not realise that the app depended on a connection and constant downloading which was fairly ineffective in the hills round here so I ditched that and listened to repeats of " The Now Show" and "The News Quiz". Once I took the decision to enjoy the run and stop if I wanted to take photos etc things began to gel and I managed fine and dandy all the way to miles 8.5-9 when I could not remember if I had plotted the route up to the Dun Na Cuiche field or not. I nearly did go that way but in the end did not and so avoided going over the 14 miles. The Castle was shrouded in mist and being heavily photographed by Japanese tourists whom I fear I frightened considerably by looming out of the drizzle bedraggled, wet and giggling at Sandi Toksvig....Along The Avenue and homeward bound...3.5 miles to go. The dogs were still perky and despite dragging myself through brambles and low flying branches I was feeling not too bad. The Dalchenna road was as always long but the last mile came and eventually went..home and lunch, more lunch and then a bath...Yey...My longest run ever over and done in 2 1/2 hrs!

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