Sunday, 4 July 2010


A small run out on Friday with Naomi, Richard and Garret all of whom are marathon training and so have been building up week by week to this 13 miler...not me of course and it nearly broke me.Very slow after ten miles and not much faster once I turned for home. In fact the breeze along the front at Dalchenna nearly pushed me backwards. It was very hot and so thank goodness for my new habit of carrying and using a camel pack on long runs (and for not letting Garret carry it for me as he was, in my hour of need about a mile ahead chatting away to Richard....). Very slow but at least I am am not too sore too days later. We then had a lovely communal lunch with home made bread ready for us on our return and some mercifully un-burnt soup that i remembered I had left in the oven at mile 11 but just did not have the breath to call Toby, let along the energy to fish the phone out of my back pocket). A beautiful route though taking us over the hills to the Loch and then mainly along the Loch side (a short detour to follow the road to Argyll caravan park) to Inveraray, along the side of the golf course and through the trees to loop back home. Only a couple of miles repetition in the whole run.

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