Saturday, 10 July 2010

Bug talk...

The very best kind of guests this week...ones who not only don't mind the rain...they actively LIKE it and have much worse insects than us at home..Fantastic! Guests like that keep me going through the lows...The girls were great this morning after a slow start helping me to get the rooms sorted and the kitchen tidied etc. I rewarded them by allowing them to accompany me on a 8 mile run to Inverarary and back, they were allowed to use their bikes which meant the outward journey was fast with my poor legs twinkling along dragged by the dogs as they tried to keep up with the bikes. Homeward was slower as the girls claimed their well earned reward of an ice cream on the front at Inveraray and so the dragging slowed down big time. Girls home alone tonight with garret away to Leeds to help Peter with the Leeds house running repairs, so tuna wraps and chocolate fairy cakes for tea.

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