Saturday, 24 July 2010

Catch up time

Ooops let a week slip by without an entry...I shall blame the kids...and my mother now visiting from Essex having returned Toby to us. we have had the Inveraray games blighted a bit by showers in the morning but redeemed itself in the afternoon. Garret manfully entered everything he could and won the 200m and came second in the 400m which surprised him as this has never been his distance really. The kids earned a bit more...and then a bit more at Mull two days later. The weather was boiling hot and all got caught in the sun coming home glowing...or more than glowing in Garret's case....Closer to home Dan, an American guest who stayed here before two years ago with his lovely mother, and with whom we have remained in touch visited again with new partner Julia and proposed! The ring had been sent over before hand to be held here nervously by us until we could hand it over and PHEW she said yes!! Another big run yesterday ending at Lyndsay's house for a much needed foot bath, shower and lunch. Not so relaxing as last weeks run and was 1.6 miles longer. Meanwhile Garret, Richard and Naomi cracked off a 16.7 hilly run over Lochgilphead way.

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