Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I love talk and chatter, the more random the better. With folk on holiday with time to spend to chat it is the best, a meandering path that takes you to parts of their lives and experiences through funny anecdotes about them, people they know, their jobs, pets and families. You can start with what to do around here and end up a thousand miles and a thousand or more words away having covered coincidences, vets and (this is a common one) pigs! People drift in here for a day, or two, or three, or more and by the end you have an easy relationship full of both your lives to explore, they arrive a blank page to be written, read and or explained. Sometimes a glimpse is given both ways through booking e mails and a picture begins to form but it is so different from any other chat with say a family member or friend whom you know and who knows all those historical/ present day facts about you. There can be so much to say and exchange, so many lives to get a peek at which then close and flow on their way when their stay comes to an end. Some stay in touch and a new type of conversation begins, some just remain a pleasant anecdote to pass onto the next guests...a B and B Chinese whispers....and of course some guests don not wish to chat and that is absolutely fine too!!

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