Thursday, 15 July 2010


A nice run on Tuesday night with the group, a lot of people were off last week sunning themselves or holidaying in the rain so there was a lot of catch up and admiring of tans. We managed to find a whole hour without rain which added greatly to our enjoyment. Rosie dipped out before the end but still did a few miles. I am not looking forward to a planned 14 miles tomorrow which will be the furthest I have ever gone. Methinks I will be running solo with ipod rather than struggling to match Richard and Garret. Lazy days at the moment treading water until Toby and Mum arrive next Monday. We saw the long awaited Eclipse yesterday which begged the question Jack or girls are predictably at opposite ends of this poser! rising lesson for them this am and rooms for me...the washing is intense at the moment, and then back to mucking out the library and sitting room...loooonnnnng job!!

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