Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday, sunday

Waved goodbye early this morning to Dan and Julia (not as early as they planned...) off on the next bit of their trip. What a lovely couple, people whom we have met through this slightly odd way of life or ours who have enriched it in no small way. As they went so early we had the room done as a team by 9ish and then a steady flow of runners went out for a 3 miler not necessarily together. Rosie went first then was caught by Toby who ran with her a little way and then when they got back Freya and I repeated the run...the dogs were surprised but pleased to go again. We avoided the rain and had a nice "Ahhhhhh" over the new chicks at Laura's house.Freya filled me in spectacularly well on the Philip Pullman book she is reading which took 1.5 miles whilst I did less well remembering all the twists and turns of my Harlan Coburn thriller. A fast and furious game of monopoly has left us all exhausted and I am slightly surprised by the previously unheard rule that the loser tidies up.....

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KatyDidStitches said...


Just thought you'd like to know that we made it home safely...resplendent in our new knowledge of how to drink fruit tea!

In addition...I'm happy to tell you that you provided the "quote of the trip," as well. "Do you have a wife? Or a mother...or a daughter...or a girlfriend? Well, I'm all those things! Except the girlfriend." Hee...hee!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you, and if we're ever in Scotland again (I hope, I hope)...we'll be back!

Kathy Coplen (and Mike)

Oh...and the loser ALWAYS tidies up. That's why I don't like games!