Monday, 24 May 2010

Vegetarian Otters and Rhinosaurs.....

A peacefullish weekend with no sporting activities in a lull before next weekends half marathon ( I may have mentioned that before a couple of times..). Time to try to give the poly-tunnel some attention....the radishes are coming on well, ditto asparagus, we have had loads of pickings, tomatoes, strawberries on their new drain pipes,cucumbers, salad and spring onions. The outside peas are coming along well and best of all the frost blighted runner beans that were so sad and dead have sprouted again from the bottom and are slowly peeking above the ground. The weather was really hot and so a hose was the obvious solution for Toby and Rosie and the dogs. Sunday the girls and I took Nina and went over to Stirling for a long delayed trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park. Nina kept the sibling bickering at bay and we had a good time gazing at very ugly Camels and enjoying the overheard comments from other visitors (i.e. the father who told his son that otters only eat grass despite one eating a fish treat in front of him and the mother who corrected her child's pronunciation to "Rhinosaur"...bliss!). A MacDonalds on the way home followed by the compulsory diversion following the usual busy day accident closing the A82. The trip round to Garelochehad and then the side of loch Long to Arrochar was not much longer in mileage but quite a bit longer in time...not unbearable though and luckily no car sickness sufferers.....THEN...yes there is more! Garret and I had a quiet,child free meal at The George to celebrate 19 years of marriage...nearly, the actual day is Tuesday but hey, that is running club day!

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