Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Springwatch at Claonairigh

This little chap and his thinner friend have taken to sitting on the porch roof and singing their hearts out. Not too many have returned here this year and no house martins as yet which is sad. Maybe they are just later this year with the cold weather.....
The revision continues. It is like having a large ravenous unpredictable toddler in the that appears at irregular intervals and indulges in time wasting activities BUT must under no account be asked to help with any normal family tasks "cos I am revising Muuuum" At least we have moved onto biology that I have some distant memories of...
Gardening again today for me. There have been a few casualties to the late frost so far and a couple more today courtesy of Toby and Garret trying to kick a football into the trampoline net aka a huge basketball basket from a distance of a 100m or so..needless to say they were not very good at it but very good at hitting the veggie garden and poor tender peas 10m to the left of intended target.
Mid Argyll jogscotland tonight with a shorter drive for me as we met at Ardcastle fifteen minutes from here. A lovely 4.5 miles or so through the woods...very nice!!

Total total... 131.15 Weekly total....9.02

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