Monday, 10 May 2010

Tired legs, tired head!

A busy week despite the pathetic weekly total with the Dun Na Cuiche run yesterday.. a true family affair with Garret, Freya, Toby and me running and Rosie marshalling at the top and providing much needed encouragement. My nerves were as high as the hill itself and sleep deprivation was taking hold by Sunday morning. A double edged sword held at the throat during the previous week was the fear of not enough entries and lots of phone enquiries from worryingly competent sounding men. backed by a fantastic group of fiends coerced and bullied into being marshals/officials the day was a huge success all round and we had many happy but tired runners! As this is the last in a long list of race reports etc I have had to do in the last 12hrs i shall keep it brief. The Corner family held up there heads with reasonable results. Toby was second MJ, Garret 6th MV, me 3rd FV and Freya with a heavy cold and a bad stitch got the biggest cheers of the day when she 1. crossed the finish line (see photo!) and 2.when she received her trophy. She sure did dig deep to compete in such a hard race.

Photos of the whole race here
Total total... 122.12 weekly total....8.43

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