Sunday, 30 May 2010

"They thinks its all is now!!"

Finally the day arrived (several wakenings in the night before and fearful stomach tightenings in total fear...why does this still happen?!!) with a slightly overcast sky but cool and looking good for a wee 13.5 mile run around and about Campbeltown and Macrahanish. Early start to get Matt at Blue rock cottages at 8am, we knew we were okay for time as we sailed past Liz's house and spotted the car still in the drive. An hour or so later and we are all registering for our various events...this is fantastic! Freya and Rosie old hands in the 2k fun run and Toby registering for the first time for a chip and a place in the 10k. Garret and I shuffled along to the half registration and then sat in the car debating toilet timings with Matt until just after ten. Leaving the warmth of the car I met up with Liz and settled the toilet question by heading off for one last time.....The mass walk to the start came very soon, it is great now here are so many faces we know, Toby teamed up with a friend and soon we were crowded into the start area breathing in the heady fumes of deep heat. The girls were duly positioned for photos and we were off!! Garret told us our pace according to Gamin and soon strode off, Toby had already gone and peeled off onto the 10k route for a 44 minute run. Meanwhile Liz and I took the first mile in 8.08...who needs a Gamin when you can do tables......The second mile was just over 16 so all good for the 8+ minute miles and the road steadily inclines until the 3 mile mark. I pulled out to overtake another runner just before three miles and realised Liz and her niggly knee were no longer there....trying to remember the beat of the 8 minute mile until the dunes...passed the Police Car leading the leaders (not as it sounds as they did not take the car onto the dunes and so were waiting for him....just before I got to the dunes he passed me sprinting out for home with 6 and a half miles to go. The dunes are a challenge and my pace slowed a lot losing 4 minutes over all by the time I got to that 7 mile mark myself ( I have been hanging out with the Gamin boys too long). The beach is hard but great as you see lots of folks at the double back halfway point. All the Mid Argyll males including Garret who nearly failed to recognise me....The wind that had up till now had been in our faces was now behind and un-felt apart from by the absence of, hot, hot. A friendly voice behind encouraged me up and over the dunes and to my surprise I felt quite strong for the next couple of miles, this despite a realisation that Liz was gaining on me and as I passed marshals who knew us I could hear her cheery response...She could still speak!!!! Miles 9-11 were a nightmare of heat, blister recognition and pounding feet on roads but I did manage to keep a Bellahouston road runner in my sights and even did some over taking. I missed the 11 mile marker so that section was quite long!! Into the town and again missed the 13 mile mark but did spot the 9k from the other race....time to speed up legs? no, really time to speed up!!! The crowds were really supportive and shouting all the way in....unfortunately it was for someone called Moira just behind and then in front of me going through the finish...HOWEVER there were a few shouts for "Fee" "Fiona" and best of all "Mum" which is just the greatest sound and I was over that line and home...blisters and all! Result 1.52.44 and 13th woman overall and 7th in my category so 180.79 miles of training later...result!!!

Other results...Toby 44 in the 10k, Rosie 6th girl in 2k Freya 2nd girl in 2K Garret 1;44 in half

Total total... 180.79 Weekly total....16.94 last total as tomorrow (or maybe next week...the triathlon training starts!!)

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