Friday, 21 May 2010

Last long run....

A perfect day for a run today...overcast and cool as I set off to meet Liz at Loch Glashan for the last long run before the big day the weekend after next. Loch Fyne was misty and pearly grey as I drove to the rendez-vous. There was even some big spots of rain . I would have been contemplating its beauty and the vividness of the strong colours along the way with such a pale backdrop had I not been raging at the FOOL driving behind and then in front of me who definitely did not read the same highway Code book that I studied all those years ago...apparently his said to over-take at speed on corners and oh...extra points for doing it with an oncoming car in clear view. Back to the run....We met,we started and the sun came out and we slogged our way round the 9 miles in 24' temperatures. Loch Glashan was hard to take twinkling away all cool and lovely whilst we put the miles under our trainers.....But do it we did and that is it for a while so time to enjoy the weekend

Total total... 163.85 Weekly total....20.53

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