Thursday, 7 January 2010

Yup...It is Glencoe time again!!

With the New Year there seems no sign of the icy weather letting up although I must say that in this particular corner (no pun intended) of Scotland we are feeling just a little bit left out as we actually have very little snow just rapidly diving temperatures that saw -11 at 8am this morning with little raising of that throughout the day. A trip to Glasgow Central Station tomorrow to deliver Mum onto the first stage of her journey back South may be postponed until next week as there were no trains today. We did travel north to Glencoe on Tuesday to seek out some proper now with frineds and had a good day skiing...well, mine ended prematurely as my goggles froze on the inside and I was not really too keen on making my way down the slopes, even the easiest ones with the snow driving into both eyes. Garret had a great time and practised filming with his new helmet cam....we now have impressive footage of my very tentative and frankly bad skiing (even before the blindness), impressive because it is all sideways! At least we know it works.

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