Sunday, 24 January 2010

Time seems to have grown extra long powerful wings since Thursday night...the weekend has been and gone but not without a good deal of enjoyment. After skiing yesterday we had a brief lie in but the horses and paint-ball guns were waiting and so up we got. The girls and I went and cleaned a moderately dirty Lewis and Barra. Luckily the dirt was dry and okay to remove. Just as we were tacking up a horde of assorted camouflaged beings emerged from the riding stable officelooking very scary to us let alone the horses resulting in a little bit of horsey dancing on they got closer we recognised various friends and even some relations. Toby and Garret had been invited to trial run the new paint-balling venture and to put it crudely...had a ball! The horses thought otherwise and we girls had a very gentle session in the outdoor ring with the horses, especially Barra tiptoeing around the bottom end of the ring with ears a-prick for distant "Thwacks" and whistles. They will get used to it and indeed Lewis was quite chilled out by the end of the session and was thinking only of haylage so nothing unusual there. Barra is more sensitive and so continued to draw our attention to what to he patently thought of as a major threat to horsey well being. The girls and I tidied the garden this afternoon and had a very satisfying bonfire aided by a friendly chicken. Sadly we were a bit short on the marshmallows to toast front but at one and a half each they seemed happy, the chicken did not get any. The temperature seemed to plummet this afternoon and the air turned very damp misleading Liz and I into piling far too many clothes on for a trip up Dun na Cuiche in the dark....We made a slow ascent and an even slower (well, on my part, Liz was a shining beacon ahead of me) descent. It was really dark by the time we came down, the owls were hooting across the woods to each other, even the dogs eyes were spooky in the head torch light. Shades of teen horror films were flitting through my mind when I was not concentrating on not falling my length over the rough stones. However the point was the getting up and down not the time......Stoked up a really good appetite for the haggis, tatties and neeps for tea.

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