Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ski Saturday

Another day on the slopes unfortunately without Toby who managed to take it in reasonable part lending goggles and helmet with only the smallest of nudges in the right direction....The visibility and wind was better than on Tuesday and the girls made more progress with their individual styles showing through now. Freya careful and precise...Rosie more of a "go for it and hang the consequences" merchant. I managed a few trips up the main basin under the helpful wings of various others. i did have to avert my eyes from the red snow at the bottom of the Main Basin tow...puts you off a bit and did actually get down the wall (as it sounds) as I had to follow the others not knowing my own way along the other route.....We had a brief flurry of excitement near the end of the girls lesson as Garret was summoned by phone to a fallen Rosie. He arrived with aching legs to find me already there and a girl enjoying the attentions of the ski patrol man. A bruised knee and no more luckily! The immediate treatment of hot chocolate and a brownie was very effective.

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