Friday, 15 January 2010

Ice...melting and otherwise

Time to take drastic action...over a month with no proper running is making a Fat Fee and two fat dogs and this must not be despite an ice rink for a drive Liz and I ventured out into Inveraray for a run around. She collected me from the end of the road which I slithered and slid my way down. An event at the top of the hill which involved several small tottering steps followed by an inevitable contact of bottom on ice was luckily unobserved by any one. The ice around the town was variable with the town itself virtually clear, the tracks around in the woods icy in places and some downright lethal areas on the Castle roads. Chilly legs were eased by a quick swim (pool not Loch!) then home. It seems strange to not have Mum here. She finally made it home yesterday but not without adventure as she left Glasgow just in time before both stations suspended trips along her line and then a broken track south of York meant the journey door to door stretched into 12 hours or so. And to think the train was the easy option.....just remembering an old ad "Let the Train Take the Strain" I think I have been taking the strain of it all the last day or so. Just glad she is home safe and sound.

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