Saturday, 23 January 2010

"No Falls - No Balls" Anon is that time of year and it is Scotland so you have got to take your chances when you can. We headed en masse to the slopes and were not the only ones! The kids had a good lesson whilst I terrified myself on Mugs Alley, the entrance to which had changed out of all recognition over night with the result that I descended it in several different ways i.e on my bottom, on skis but sitting on the back of them, on my side sliding away down that slope (proving in a variety of styles that yes, in one way I do have balls...) and even once without falling. Unfortunately this took its toll on already tired legs and I admitted defeat eventually retreating the the lower slope and leaving Garret and Toby to be Kings of the Hill today. I wonder what the word is for "fear of T-bars"...... The girls and I had a more genteel but fun time skiing along a little used track the other side of the plateau until our legs gave out and begged for mercy and chips. We made it to the bottom cafe with 11 minutes to spare to order the latter....stylish girls stylish!

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