Monday, 18 January 2010

Just got to get the miles in now!

Running, Running, Running...lovely sunny day.....Running, running, nice to be out and stretching my legs...running,running,running..... Happy Lucy dog with tail held up high running,running,running...hmmmm a bit wet under foot but hey no ice! running running ru....Yeuk! Large boggy patch masquerading as a stony totally hard bit of path. The result of this was both feet but the right one most were covered in a gritty clay heavy soil that allowed a steady trickle of tiny, tiny stones into my trainers. This is so very comfortable when running providing a kind of pedal ex-foliation treatment whilst getting out and about However it does gives one an excuse to stop when multiple blister development beckons. I did manage to enjoy the rest of the run although not at a pace I would like to pretend to have aspired to, when one foot weighs more than the other an interesting gait develops. However no ICE! This is looking good for inveraray jogscotland tomorrow. The three recent runs are to try to get the motivation back up for some serious training and some shifting of the Christmas tummy roll as The Mighty Deerstalker beckons in March.Other events hovering are the Anthony Nolan 10k in Lochgilphead first weekend in May, Inveraray Jail Break (running as well as organising.. Gulp) on the 9th and the good old Mull of Kintyre 1/2 marathon at then end of the month. May is going to be a busy month and now I really really wish that I had not written them all down like that. I was once advised that the way to ease acute nerves is to enter more events... Nah just means the ulcers take a step closer.

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