Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Ice Queen lifteth her Grip.....

It is like being released from an evil spell! After torrential rains overnight the ice has lifted its grip from the drive and track completely meaning that we are free to walk, run and drive once again! The girls and I were booked into an important date with the athletics club Competition, if a place is gained qualification looms for the regional finals so serious stuff. The annual contest always manages to combine a measure of competition and friendliness which the children rise to really well. It is great to see the children so dedicated to sport. I slipped off mid session for a run round Lochgilphead and Ardrisaig which was unique for recent days in that the only ice I saw was on the canal. Stiff limbs and sore joints trudged along to Franz Ferdinand on the iphone for 6 miles or so. They eased off round about mile 4 when a sore heel took over to occupy my mind. It was pleasant to see quite a lot of people out walking with dogs/babies/grandparents etc all looking slightly startled at the privilege of walking without multiple layers in place. There were still a few over the top hats that seem difficult to ditch, interestingly several worn by folk driving cars....not really necessary?
Back at the hall things were hotting up with Rosie first in the shot, I arrived just in time to see Freya take first in the high jump and then watched the running which is always exciting. Freya was pipped to the post by Olivia Kerr, a truly remarkable runner. She managed to get second overall though so made it to the next round. Rosie was a good competitor too and takes it all in good part!

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