Saturday, 3 May 2008

Teenage Tantrums and Treehouses

Well, following up on last nights entry I think that Rosie became a fully fledged member of the Teenage Party last night at approximately 8.54pm just as Voldemort was terrifying poor Harry in the graveyard. An horrendous fuss ("You always take her side" " It is always me that gets shouted at" and my personal favourite "It's not Faaaair") suddenly erupted over a small plastic dog in a small plastic kennel owned by a small plastic person that Freya was holding. Harry is now in limbo as the film abruptly halted and all combatants retired to bed.
Today has been gentler. More nice guests last night (we only have the nice variety here) to be fed and watered this morning and then the girls mucked out the Guinea Pigs and Snowy bunny while I did the double room. We then moseyed on down to the Oyster Bar and Tree Shop taking the dogs with us. We walked up a well worn, mostly gorse flanked path behind the Oyster Bar to a tree house which is an old favourite, although Ginny was not so sure. She did not make it up the steps. This afternoon Freya and I sowed more seeds, carrots, courgettes and radishes. I dealt with the latter on the reasonable grounds that as she will definitely not eat any she could not possibly take any pleasure in sowing the seeds. Now we are waiting for more guests who are all booked in, our first full house since January. The scones are made and we are ready!

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