Friday, 9 May 2008

Piggy Wisdom

Garret is getting into a roll (not of the bacon variety of course (oooh an endless supply of piggy jokes coming up)) with the pig project as the hut is slowly taking shape, of a sort. Ably assisted by Freya (for about 10 minutes) the walls are slowly growing up towards the arc roof which proved a good shelter today from a wee shower during tea break. We have been consulting the God of Self sufficiency, John Seymour re the intricacies of Pig keeping for the average small holder. I have been dipping into John Seymour for many years so to speak after buying the first book at a car boot whilst still living in a through terrace house in Harehills, Leeds and dreaming those dreams. My store has slowly increased with the gardening books and Forgotten Household Tasks tome (less useful but very beautiful that one) and a fascinating source of valuable information from the three crop rotation through making pasta (“they are all spaghetti under a different name to me”) and of course pig keeping. John is very dispassionate, down to earth as you would expect but tongue in cheek at the most unexpected places. This is the culmination (almost…we get find out how to butcher the animal just after) of the pig section…..

“ Lure your pig into the killing room, put a little food on the floor, and then shoot the pig with a .22 rifle in the brain”

This raises two questions, outside an abattoir who the hell has a killing room in the average house, and well, at least they get to re use the food scattered as the last supper.

PS Run with Liz am (3 miles 35 minutes...4.8km 7.2 mins/km) then a swim.

PPS Happy Birthday Aunty (to distinguish from running Liz) Liz!!

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