Thursday, 8 May 2008

A short but sweet run

Another glorious day for the west coast. How shall I sum up my doings today....
1. 6 breakfasts
2.A short interview at school with two examiners about Tom the Janitor who is up for Janitor of the Year Award, he is through to the last three. so, I spilled the beans and now he has been, we gave him all the praise he thoroughly deserves...go get 'em Tom!
3. Liberated the peas from their " place of acclimatisation" to the garden.
4. Welcomed and made refreshments for guests thirsty for a cuppa after their drive
5. Picked asparagus for Garret from polytunnel and jealously guarded it from the children who have had most of it so far.
6. Encouraged Garret from afar as he begins to lay a base for our new impending arrivals...Two piglets....I am sure there will be photos.
7. Deemed it cool enough to water the peas etc...get that they needed watering! That means it has not rained for days now!
7. Omlettes made with Guinea fowl eggs for tea..there's a novelty. They are lovely, very hard shells.
8. Children to Karate and me for very slow run during which I discovered several blisters from last night...but hey look at that view!

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