Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Furnace quarry run

Finally a training entry after a sedentary w/e spent running round after guests and children instead of up and down hills (well, they are hills in my mind anyway) Liz and I met at 12 midday and managed a 6 milesish run in 1hr and 17 minutes...not great but we did walk quite a bit and it was sooooo hot. This run is not very shaded and I am not a heat person, the car was measuring 24'C when we got back and later 27...I was certainly a lot hotter than 27 by the time the run was finished. A wee bit of exercise tonight,very wee as I cycled to a friend's house for a coffee and a chat and then cycled home, through the woods with a gorgeous darkening sky above, and the call of an owl as I neared home...lovely.

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