Thursday, 8 May 2008

Hot, Hot,Hot

We have had a glorious weeks weather with temperatures getting up into the higher 20's, so good drying weather for all those sheets. Given the high temperatures I therefore,obviously embarked on a strenuous 5 miles (8km 43.39minutes/5.4minute/km)run with the jogscotland group last night. The route went from the golf course at Lochgilphead over the hills (note that over the hills) to Achnabreac on the Oban Road. This is a glorious track and would have been well worth looking at had one not been toiling along red faced with sweat dripping into both eyes rendering a slightly hazy view of everything.Coupled with a wheezy chest, I lent Liz my running belt for her water bottle which also held my inhaler and my mobile I had my attention firmly on the end of the run for most of the run. Luckily all was well re chest with a kindly lent inhaler. The temps once back in the car at 8.30pm was 19'C so no wonder my face was red!

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