Friday, 2 May 2008


Ittey Bittey day today with a bit of this and a bit of that. Two guests arrived lateish last night and were very appreciative of the house and the cuppa of tea in the dining room. They were a young couple, she from Derry and he from Aberdeen on their way to visit his grandma in Cairnbaan. They had one of the most noticeable cars we have had here, a bright yellow Ka with advertising for their local rugby club. Come to think of it he looked like a rugby player. I have been married to one for long enough to tell the signs. I had thought that those days were over but for the first time in a couple of years Garret has yielded to his younger ( more reckless)instincts and is playing Rugby sevens tomorrow in Oban. This is not without trepidation on his part but he is “sure he will enjoy it once he starts”. Perhaps with the end of the skiing season the body is craving adrenaline. Now starts the grand hunt for rugby boots not seen for two years. Back to today, Freya needed to visit the Dr for a persistent non exercise related cough with no other symptoms. She now carries the label of “viral cough” or “ I don’t really know so off you pop and get a bottle soothing medicine dear”. Having delivered her back to school the garden and poly tunnel beckoned, I pottered doing a variety of small jobs rather than one huge and unrealistic project as usual. I have started to try to reveal the stones I laid along by the forest road a few years ago as an edging to the border which are now almost invisible under the inevitably creeping grass and weeds. This is slow work as the bending makes my back creak in all the wrong places. Tobes is at friends’ house tonight and so it’s a girly night with the fourth Harry Potter and popcorn….we might let Garret join in if he promises to be good and brings his own popcorn.

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