Friday, 23 May 2008

Boo Hoo

Suffering currently from low spirits and a low peak flow.... I have had a sudden cold for the last week with a lingering cough that is taking it's time to shift. This means low peak flow and increased ventolin, and increased risk of not running Sunday.....On the plus side had another lovely week with Beddies with far too much time spent chatting to some great folk. Had some friendly Australians who love Tolkien and Winnie The Pooh (you have to check out the rooms to get that one). They had even visited Tolkien's grave and so we gelled more or less right away...not that I am keen on graves or anything. Howard and Myrna were here too on their last week of riding, we will miss them! However they have promised to call in for a Corner fix and we shall see them later on in June.

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