Sunday, 3 June 2007

To infinity and beyond ...(as long as it is no further than 10K away)

Another busy, busy week has gone by and no entry… Tut, Tut. I have several times managed to compose in the confines of my head (a strange, nay confusing place to be sometimes) wonderful passages of prose and wit effortlessly knitted together in a seamless fashion that would surly draw the amazed attention of editors word wide who would then pay gazillions for my daily pearls of wisdom. Ah well, and back in the real world life goes on and the girls ready for the daily dose of Harry Potter so I shall have to be quick. We have had my sister Alison here for the week with husband Raymond and son Tom. Poor Tom was heavily steeped in revision for exams upon his return next week. We did have time out to ride together on Thursday, my first ride in 8 weeks so we were a wee bit challenged in the buttock area the next day, when I say we that is the royal we as in me! The great 10k day has been and gone too. The race was superbly set up once again and a stunning route, the only hitch being that they had altered the route slightly and so when Garret, having missed most of the way markers thought he was on the homeward stretch he actually still had quite a way to go. I do have in my possession a photo of his finishing few metres but will not publish it here on the grounds of it being unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition so you will have to make do with Freya clutching her trophy for second girl in her fun run. As an under 9 I was supposed to run with her (actually it was Garret but he was still prostrate from his exertions) but from the word Go! She left me for standing, as did Rosie with her final sprint in between the finishing poles. Toby did well too finishing well up in the older class. As for us oldies I did 52.47 and was 64th overall (out of 300+) and about 5th veteran and Garret was 29th overall with an incredible 45.43. As he never stops pointing out last year he would have been 5th (smaller field). So all happy bunnies. Just awaiting Toby’s return from the Stirling junior tri…so far I have only heard that he is all in one piece and he has a medal…and that after all is what it is all about.

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