Thursday, 7 June 2007

Wednesday training resumed at long last. Hurray!!

A brisk 10k or so last night along the Leicann walk at Furnace with the jogscotland group has blown away any lingering training blues, despite a fairly fast pace (for me anyway!) there is not too much stiffness this morning. I was forced to maintain a reasonable pace as I was the only one at the front who knew the way (Garret did a few extra metres on occasion by taking the wrong way, that’ll teach him to overtake me on the hills), it is not the best-marked track we have done but great views. The constant thudding of the guys’ trainers behind kept me moving along and I went down hill faster with them behind me than with Liz and June leaping along in front as on a previous run (bit of a wimp on the old downhills, I am afraid). The advantage of speed is that midges cannot fly very fast at all!It was a lovely end to a very hot day shopping in Oban. The guests keep on coming; we had divers here this week or bought us lovely scallops fresh from Loch Fyne. The Germans are slowly being replaced by the French as the summer comes on. Time for off now…Liz and the Lochgilpead pool beckon and she did mention hill sprints last night……

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