Thursday, 14 June 2007

Legs are aching so it must be Thursday.

Last night’s jogscotland session was a 10k most of which seemed to be up the longest hill I think I have ever run up. This was at Lochgilphead and through some stunning countryside that I have never seen to before that was just about visible through the veil of sweat before my eyes. The evening was gorgeous and clear, with a distinct lack of midges…perfect! What was even better was the phone call from Rosie just before we left to say she is having a great time, the flying fox apparently was the best as the second time you get to go down blindfold, Yippee what fun! (Brief pause for maternal shudder and regret for passing of that time when such things seemed fun rather than a sadistic punishment). It was lovely to hear her voice and know that all is going well. Today has been dedicated to
· Doing the B and B rooms (of course)
· Eating Garret’s dust as he disappeared ahead of me on his bike into Inveraray
· Forcing tired legs to follow Garret
· Session at Loch Fyne Pool
· Points 2) and 3) in reverse only uphill this time with more wheezing
· Strimming in the garden, not uphill but lots of wheezing.
· Bath…ahhhhh bliss….

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