Monday, 18 June 2007

Fathers Day, been and gone.

Busyish weekend what with providing the support vehicle for Brownie Revels and a swimming party on Saturday plus the obligatory spoiling of the paternal half of the beleaguered adults in this family. This involved Garret staying in bed Sunday morning, no change there then and eventually rising in a leisurely manner to partake of some porridge and adoration from his offspring. This only once I had removed any unsightly signs of a busy Band B morning. It was then decided on his behalf that what he would really like to do was to go and sit in the smoke of a fiercely burning camp fire down on the shore, and get all hot and sweaty providing a lovely meal for all….and that is what we did! It was Pip the Pup’s first such delight but she cottoned on quick (Looking back I seem to have failed to mention her before, she is for my mum and will be leaving, sob, sob in a month or so) and settled down to drool and beg wordlessly (it would have been quite a surprise had it not been wordlessly but you know what I mean) with her eyes. However this did not work but the patient waiting eventually paid off as she was able to snaffle Toby’s last sausage that he left on a rock whilst collecting a fried egg…..What joy and bliss was on her little face as she hurriedly gulped it down in front of a furious Toby and a frankly and openly envious Lucy. Today was an osteopath day and as usual I paid £30 to have my back fixed only to instantly undo all the work by going on a food shop (sounds like that song,Going on A Bear Hunt…”We’re Going on A Food Shop…We’re Gonna spend a big Wad…..We’re gonna get Grumpy….but We’re not Scared…Well…we jolly well should be, it is a horrible job and I hates it!”). The day has ended on a low, sorry High point with the end of term Brownies jollity, a line dancing session where grown ups were very actively encouraged to join in and dress up (my concession to this was bunches) any way they felt appropriate. Ahh and now the day is done and dusted and I am a Happy Mummy.

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