Monday, 11 June 2007

The sound of leather on willow and so on.

A wee rare picture of Toby at transition time at Stirling, I say rare as Garret was far too busy cheering him on to take photos. We have some stunning photos of the grass though. Speaking of Garret he was busy at the weekend bowling a maiden over on Arran, actually I have no idea what that means despite being raised in that haven of all things cricketing (Yorkshire). The Cairndow team summoned all their resources and whisked him away for the day and to a triumphant win. This has lead amongst other things to an inclusion on the team for next weekend (from Rugby to cricket in one easy move….although cricket can’t actually be termed a sport can it? Any game where you actually stop to eat cakes and drink tea mid way is a pastime rather than a sport surely) and a request for sandwiches and cakes from yours truly.

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