Monday, 11 June 2007

Back in the Saddle again

A warm, rather close day has given way to a glorious clear evening with that huge sky feeling. The light is so vivid you can nearly taste it, this I know as I have just got back from taking the gang of three out for the last walk of the day (the three dogs that is, the children we have pretty much trained not to need a walk before bedtime.). After a respite night last night, not unwelcome I must say, we are full up again with jolly holidaymakers and one workman, who may or may not be jolly.
This afternoon saw me scampering through the hills alongside and above Inveraray with the girls from Dalchenna (insert posh business name "Argyll Adventure"), Howard, Myrna and Caroline. We were on horseback in case any one thought we were out for a communal jog (far too warm and sweaty for that, and very, very unlikely). My Lewis did me proud (the bliss of a different saddle!) with several really good try-hard canters and an ability to know when to ignore all the negative and opposing signals coming from my hands/bottom/legs and last but not least voice. I did, to my credit (I thought) not scream at all (very unusual) and did also canter down a huge hill (don’t do cantering down hills, fairly high up on the inbuilt Fee mental risk assessment, this is an ongoing life long process that is incapable of being dismantled, switched off or even sabotaged with a sharp instrument….believe me I have tried).Rather sadly in my opinion Myrna tried to belittle this achievement by claiming that it was just a very small hill but I know what I know, and it was massive when me and my boy were heading down it! G’night all….early brekkie tomorrow.

PS My little Rosie is away on her outward bound school trip, left this morning so here's hoping for clear skies and calm waters for the week's duration.

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