Sunday, 1 July 2007

Blogging doldrums

The Blogging doldrums seem to have hit this week, plenty going on but no time really to write and the inspiration just isn’t there (back of hand laid to forehead in a lovey, writers block over-acting kind of a way)! So onwards to review the week: -
HEADLINING ON MONDAY: - great performance by all the pupils of Inveraray Primary School at their end of term play. The whole performance hinged around Rosie Corner’s one line of dialogue which was delivered with precision, feeling and above all (for those who know her BIG CHEER for this bit) projection. The dancing was great especially the bits with Rosie and Freya, of course. Oh, and Shannon Outterside (“spell check” tried to change this to Guttersnipe…?) wasn’t bad either in her role as The Sun (only kidding, gorgeous singing Shannon).
TUESDAY saw (a few) parents and the S1/S2 pupils gathered together at Lochgilphead High School for the merit certificate distribution ceremony. Well done to Toby and Rhia and everyone else who got them. 30 sore hand-clapping minutes later we were kicked out to make room for the S3/S4 lot. The ladies who lunch (me and my mate Janice) didn’t have time for lunch so had a couple of stiff coffees to see us on the way.
WEDNESDAY Garret was the Corner household representative to LGH School End of Term assembly. In the evening I ran the length of Crinan canal…why? Cos it was there of course. Nah, not really, it was the last session of the jogscotland group for the summer and so we finished on a high doing the whole 8.5 miles.
THURSDAY Legs not too sore and NO SCHOOL DUTIES today. But the downward slide to the holidays approaching at the speed of an express train as Toby finished his term.
FRIDAY Shortest school day of the year with the girls deposited on the bus at 8.15 and us arriving at school for E of T assembly at 11am. Pupils kicked out at 12MD and told not to come back for 6 weeks so that is that!!
SATURDAY Rosie set off at 6.30am to represent Inveraray Primary School at the state opening of Parliament in Edinburgh. She had a great day, picnicing at the Parliament and hanging out with her teachers. One for the memory books, she even saw the Queen (more of Her Majesty later in the week). In amongst all this activity we had our lovely guests predominantly a couple from Sussex staying and a really nice friendly lady from Bavaria. Garret’s mum was also here which was lovely, it is great to see her pottering around and getting enthusiastic about Peter’s house…which after all is pretty special.

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