Thursday, 5 July 2007

Cucumber Sandwiches with the Queen

It’s a very sleepy household this morning as Toby and Rosie recover from a night camping on an Island on Loch Awe, they had to kayak there with all their belongings in barrels…apparently. We have not actually seen them yet as we got back last night from a day out after they had retired to bed. I am not sure what Freya’s excuse for a sleep in is, probably terminal tiredness from illicit under the covers reading. The desire to complete the Harry Potter series out weighs any fears that we may hold for her.
The photos are from a dinghy sailing course attended by those who wished to be drenched to the skin by constantly falling in a grey and wind buffeted Loch Fyne..and then at the end when the cold is just receding slightly from the outer extremities to concentrate on freezing just those innermost vital organs, jump voluntarily (that is the bit that seems to set the seal of their patently obvious insane tendencies) into the loch from the pier. Needless to say I was on the sidelines cheering them on from the comfort of my warm fleece…isn’t it great to be able to force your children into “enjoying” all the pursuits that you consider necessary for a fully rounded individual but that were never available when we were young and we seemed to do okay. Anyway back to our day out. We popped over to Holyrood to see The Queen for tea, we hung out, watched a bit of tennis together, munched on a few cucumber sarnies and watched the Royal company of Archers drilling around the place with their very… ummmm interesting hats. Actually, and you will be surprised when I tell you this we just went to a garden Party there along with a few other thousand people all wearing (well, the female ones anyway) hats of various levels of silliness to rival the Archers. There were plainly some folk there who had made a very big, and perhaps in some cases misguided effort and some who had equally as clearly made no effort at all. I can’t really talk though as after much angst and reality checking I decided to wear my “going away” dress, a goodly 16yrs old still with matching hat and shoes. The Queen looked okay though. There were actually some stunning people there impressivly decked out in fabulous outfits and/or uniforms looking so great in the glorious grounds and, amazingly sunshine.There was one fantasic chap in a uniform consisting of black blouson type jacket and knickerbokers with red trim and flashings, tartan red long socks and tartan waistcoaty thing...even the spooks were wondering what it represented.Having given up on being presented to The Queen I set out to spot a spook, not really very difficult and found one to stand next to...sad aren't I.One tip for anyone going in the future, pop into M and S before hand and fill up on sarnies as the tea is delicious but small….no limits on revisiting again….and again….and again….

PHOTOS Freya Jumping Rosie almost smiling

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