Sunday, 22 July 2007

Swimming dog with stick and a friend

We will all soon (tomorrow) be saying goodbye to Pip the Pup who is being whisked off by Mum to a life of white stilettos and partying in Essex. We will all miss her but perhaps Lucy (seen here in Loch Fyne rescuing a drowning stick) the most of all, and the guinea pigs, Snuffles and Daisy the least of all (constant scrutiny and occasional frenzied attempts to dig into the run for a closer but definatly shorter relationship). We will count the days until our own holiday south to see her in October. Toby is off to Sutherland tomorrow for a week camping, getting smelly and a host of new midge and tick bites to show off. Garret and I have an exciting day planned for the girls to compensate them for missing this fest of fun....accompanying Garret to the osteopath for much needed back manipulation (required due to far too long spent hunched over the afore mentioned Harry Potter volume: - a wee topical jest there) and shopping at ASDA…Wow, what great parents we are!!!

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