Sunday, 15 July 2007

The week in pictures....

Aaah, an obvious flaw here, well two actually. One is that I appear not to be able to position the photos in any other way than straight up and down in a line vis a vi above and two, that I only took photos on two days out of the seven available to me.The first photo is a swimming pool birthday cake for Freya, now an aged 9yrs and in celebration of her excellent pool party. The rest are taken from Dun Na Cuaiche, the wee folly above Inveraray that we climbed to on Tuesday. The incentive to make it down again was an Ice Cream at the Edinburgh Woollen Mill....our feet fairly flew down. This was a girly trip as Toby is in Essex with Grandma, actually Doncaster by now on his way back to us tomorrow. The other highlight of the week was the highly entertaining "Shrek The Third" which we saw in Oban. I am ashamed to say that despite the great dialogue and fast action (plus the fantastic Eric Idol) I fell asleep for more than a few minutes and had to be nudged to prevent the cinematic surround sound developing into surround snore effects, at least I did not dribble. I was suffering from extreme fatigue due to an unaccustomed night out the night before.

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