Wednesday, 23 May 2007

STB Visit

Our turn last night when the third car of the evening arrived and deposited the Tourist Board Inspector into our midst. Our other guests (lovely German (of course) couple and two girls from Edinburgh were very well behaved and appreciative of our efforts at breakfast time (and we didn't even pay them!) and although we have to wait for the inevitable paperwork it seems that we are free to hold our heads up high in the STB *** category for another fun packed year. It cannot be the nicest job in the world; all those cooked breakfasts must pall after a while (apart from mine of course), and night after night knowing that the proprietor is having a sleepless night somewhere in the building worrying about the state of the sheets and towels. Have just re read that last statement and realised what a sad git it makes me appear but hey ho some one has to care. Apart from that nowt much has happened as my brother used to write home from Ermysteds boarding School in Skipton, North Yorks Dales.

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