Sunday, 13 May 2007

WARNING Parental boasting alert!

Fingernails bitten to the quick and nerves in tatters, one ear cued to the phone ringing. This was my state of affairs today whilst waiting for the news from Bute. And my boy did it! Not the one in the photograph (Garret neglected to take any of Toby so here is one of him..nice background Toby, at least he got the blue sky in whilst England revels in heavy rain), he did well too but the swimming was not good….according to him. But, back to the one who carries my genes within his body (boy, I am warming up for a good boasting Round Robin Christmas Letter this year!) After swim and cycle Toby proceeded to run the course with his cycle helmet still on earning him the nickname of “Helmet”. The weather was good and conditions favourable as they say and Helmet came through winning the Junior novice prize and beating quite a lot of adults too! Well done Toby, I would say that he is following in his parents footsteps but certainly speaking only for my self here of course, I am fully aware that his footprints are filling slowly with ooze and drying up at the edges before I catch up with him. The sickening thing is that he would have happily done it all again in the afternoon.

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