Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Tired but happy legs

A day of time trials. Liz and I met for a wee swim in Lochgilphead in the morning after a mad dash to do breakfasts and get the rooms done. I was very organised and got the car packed with swimming things and bike at 6.30. Admittedly I had this extra time as I got up expecting to have to make the rolls for breakfast from dough set the night before only to find that Garret, bless his little cotton socks had done them the night before. So, on the bike went with very little swearing before walking the dogs and breakfasting the children. We set out to swim the 650m of the sprint triathlon and Liz did a very creditable 10.40s and I did it in 11hrs and 21 minutes at which I was a little shocked. I know that I can go into my own little world whilst ploughing up and down (i.e. what shall I make for tea? Did I close the Rayburn down? Are the dogs locked in? Am I drowning? Ow!! my head hurts when it bangs into the end of the pool like that….) however, I think that the stopwatch I was using had jumped a mode and I was between 9.30-10m ish. Then we hopped on the bikes (well, after manhandling them off the car and losing the bike lock four times, the car keys twice and then the key for the bike lock) and did the triathlon route, a lovely ride along from Lochgilphead, past Dunnadd fort and across to the Crinan road and back along the canal via Cairnbaan. I say lovely although Liz and I had our heads down and legs whirling (most of the time anyway). We arrived back about 43 minutes later hot and happy to be back. The photos were needless to say taken before we set off. Then it was off to the physio (now allowed to run a challenging ¾ km a day building up to 1k by next week…so well on track to be ready for the mull of Kintyre 10k in three weeks then!) Back to school to meet the girls and take part in their after school club “Nordic Walking”, a brisk walk up to the Castle with poles looking for all the world as though we were a group of slightly deranged skiers out without the skis..but good fun and very healthy.

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