Thursday, 10 May 2007

Bank Holiday weekend

A great bank holiday weekend was had by all (except the brave, marvellous and self sacrificing Garret who stayed home alone to serve the every need of our lovely guests (he can iron!)) at my pal Jenny’s 40th Birthday party near Kendal. We enthusiastically and most importantly noisily Samba drummed our way into the celebrations after a certain amount of apprehension prior to the event. A totally fantastic and far too energetic woman led us all into an evening of self-appreciation, fun and even a bit of music too. Toby got a big drum; the girls and I made a rush for the tambourines having had the wildly mistaken idea that for the rhythmically challenged they would be a safe and easy option. This was not, as it turned out in any way a sensible supposition as we then proceeded to make a hash of any rhythm (and we did get the hardest ones of course) we were given to mangle to our hearts content. However, as was pointed out prior to the division of instruments that it was only on the drums that it was really important not to make a mistake as then EVERYONE could hear you! Amazingly Toby maintained a steady BOM and did the Corner family proud big time. Even more amazingly I did not need to actually do bodily harm to any of my children or even threaten it (well, more than once anyway) in a total of about 10hrs together in the car. Toby did get a simultaneous shriek of “Toby!” about one minute into settling down to sleep (all together in one room at a Travel Lodge) as he began to audibly rock a loose tooth back and forth with one perfectly positioned finger. The slightly damp sounding creak that this produced was quite as irritating as the dripping tap in the bathroom, which, as a punishment the errant phantom tooth jiggler was sent to fix. Reality kicked in about 30 seconds after we drove into our gateway closely followed by Sunday night’s guests. Hey Ho….

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