Saturday, 12 May 2007

Triathlon and beyond.

Well, thirteen hours or so and counting to tomorrow’s triathlon for Garret and Toby (Garret sprint length and Toby novice:- his first one) and the parental nerves are hitting the ozone layer especially Garret’s. Toby is quite chilled and has just retired to bed with a good book prior to setting off tomorrow at 7am for Bute. Garret, meanwhile is strapping bikes on the back of the car and muttering to the midges. So, watch tomorrow for an update, either the woeful woes or the joyful highs. Major panic of the evening is that we cannot find Toby’s phone, which has gone AWOL. He needs it to ring me the minute he passes that finish line…

Thoughts are with the McCann Family tonight on Maddy’s Birthday.x

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