Friday, 11 May 2007

"Coincidence, if traced far enough back becomes inevitable." Hineu

I am not sure about inevitable but it does seem that if you dig deep enough there is always a connection. Last nights guests were an English couple showing their German friends around Scotland. After breakfasts I was checking that I had contact details for everyone before they left (amazing how many people think filling the forms in is for tracing errant guests, actually it is so we can send on any of the many items that folk leave here from PJ’s through mobile chargers and beyond…even money on one occasion), and for the first time we had guests from Bad Salzuflen a town in Germany that I visited in 1978 as part of a German exchange through school (Wetherby High school 1976-1983 for any one interested). I was chatting with the Germans about this and it turned out that the teacher who had arranged our trip specifically to Bad Salzuflen as that was her home town, Frau Smart (a truly formidable woman and the cause of many young boy at our school to chose German as an option in third year over French) later moved to a school in Leeds (bear with me) attended by the English couple’s sons who then also went on an exchange there to the home of the German couple. The parents kept in contact and now visit each other. As an extra twist the English Couple hail from Oulton a mere 2 miles or so from Garret’s parents. Good Eh!!!

PS Obviously no pictures of this so these are from Easter, which I forgot to put on at the time….too much red wine too little sleep. The bottom one is Uncle Russ and Freya at a stand off in the Laser Quest at Argyll Adventure and the other is The Great Claonairigh Easter Egg Rolling (believe me it needs all those capital letters) Tradition closely followed by the Great Doggy Egg Eating Orgy, in itself the precurser of The Long Dark Night of The Smelly Dog.

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