Saturday, 26 June 2010

Athleticy Stuff!!!

Just another day in the life of with breakfasts kicking off a busy day. The guests as usual got on really well and chatted away until time to rise and leave. The children were pleased with the rolls the guests had ordered (if guests have them they get the spares...). One line of washing hung out pre breakfast and one post with the rooms cleaned and re-set,the poly-tunnel watered and then off to Lochgilphead for the Mid Argyll sports Day......fantastic to see all these kids running/jumping/ throwing their hearts out...maybe the inserting of that latter verb into that sentence did not quite work but they tried jolly hard at the throwing too! My guys did really well against stiff competition but honourable mention goes to Rosie first in the mile run with some very good tactical running and a wee bit of pacing from big brother (running in the same mile/different category) who came back to see her in along the last stretch....sprint finish!! Fish and chips supper followed by home, a movie and a glass of wine....well, I had the glass of wine and the girls had the movie.

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