Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Exams are over!!

Finally my revision duties are done and Toby's exams are over with the chemistry Int 2 today. By the time I had collected him and delivered some friends to their homes which took two hours from the middle of the day it as nearly time to get Freya from school and attend our last parents appointment at the primary school. After I had finished beating her for such a bad report we went to get ice creams. I staggered into my trainers later and headed for Furnace to meet the Wednesday js group. A nice change for me to only drive 4 miles instead of 20 plus...The Leicann run is a lovely one especially on a lovely night like tonight. However it is supposed to be 6 miles but try as I might cannot get the GPS to read more than 5.14 (not without running further that is!). Osteopath tomorrow......

Weekly total 8.62

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