Friday, 11 June 2010

Flights, Fancy weddings and Future plans..

were all items that sped us round the below course last night. Naomi and I had a good catch up (though I am missing Liz....still too poorly to run) round Loch Glashan with four dogs and several million midges who did not catch up until we stopped at the cars. Naomi recently attended a Scots/Indian wedding/ meeting of cultures which was fascinating to hear about and the flights is our news as we have finally booked a holiday to Portugal in October despite the HORRENDOUS price of flights...Howard and Myrna, Toby suggested we ask you to fly us all instead......oh and my Mum is coming too so just a few trips across for you!! Big sis will be there too so exciting times!!
No running tonight just a leisurely walk and a catch up with a friend and the dogs. Freya and Rosie sweated it up at Karate where Freya with the help of Rosie as sparring partner (or punch bag) got her brown belt. Well done Freya!!

Weekly total 16.59

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